• Measure area to be covered to determine amount of insulation needed.
  • It is intended to cover standard two-car garage door measuring 150 sq. ft. or smaller.
  • Clean the interior of the garage door or door panels where reflective insulation is to be applied, and clear any debris prior to applying double-sided tape.
  • Apply the double-sided tape directly to the interior of the door or panels, both vertically and horizontally.
  • Determine the length of the insulation to be cut and always install each piece before cutting the rest to make sure of your measurements.
  • Press the insulation onto the door directly, cutting off any excess.
  • To ensure that the insulation holds over time, aluminum tape may be applied around the edges of the reflective insulation, further securing it to the door.
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    Innovative Insoluation GDK-01 Garage Door Kit

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