This InterDesign Forma 2 Dishwasher Spinner offers a striking piece in stainless steel for a contemporary accent to your kitchen. Now everyone in your home can stop inspecting the dishes in your dishwasher for crumbs and residue to tell if they are clean or dirty. The strong suction cup adheres to your washer and the color-coding is simple to read. This handy dishwasher wheel keeps the entire family informed on the status of the dishwasher's contents and whether it's time to wash or unload. This spinner features a stylish black and white design that blends seamlessly with the popular finishes of today's modern appliances. The words "clean" and "dirty" are clearly printed in bold black letters to ensure there is no mistaking whether or not the dishwasher has been run recently. It can be attached to any smooth, hard surface such as glass, tile or metal and will not scratch your appliances or other kitchen surfaces.
  • Effortlessly spin wheel to "clean" or "dirty"
  • Strong suction cup adheres to dishwasher
  • Color coding
Dimensions1.2 x 6.3 x 3.8 inches

InterDesign Forma 2 Dishwasher Spinner

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Dishwasher Spinner