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It's Time to Build a Team: It Takes a Team is about David Coleman, a hard charging partner in a large Houston firm. David has become a top rainmaker bringing in big clients, but associates hate to work for him. They call him the"career killer." Many strong associates thought to have a future with his firm leave and join other firms. David feels little responsibility for attrition. David is a composite of partners the authors encountered during their careers and have met in other firms. Your firm might have a lawyer that reminds you of David. You might be a lawyer like David and not even realize it. David has a fixed mindset. He is bright, hard working and has developed a big ego. He acts as if he has never made a mistake. He is sure that successful partners are born not made. His superior attitude is insufferable because he projects that everyone else is out of step. Behind their backs, he describes lawyers others think are very talented, as dumb or lazy. Senior management of his firm is becoming frustrated with David because, despite his ability to attract business, he is hurting the morale of associates. His stated attitude is that "if I make my numbers, I don't have to worry about bringing younger lawyers along. I don't have time for the "touchy-feely" stuff." David knows that something is wrong. He is not really happy with his life as a partner, but he doesn't know what to do and the idea of seeking help is terrifying to him. He is afraid it will show weakness. Does David remind you of any lawyers in your firm? Does he remind you of any public figures? It Takes a Team is a parable about what would realistically cause David to change. More importantly, it is an illustration of why You Can't Make Rain by Yourself.
  • ISBN13: 9780979151965
  • Publisher: Life Career Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2011
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 00170
Dimensions5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches
Publication Date20111111

It Takes a Team

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