In the novel Its Juxtaposition, a disillusioned and rebellious young man attempts to solve the questions of his existence and puts his nihilistic theories to the test-the results of which come back to haunt him.

Even though Jason Semonds graduated from college four years ago, he is working as a waiter. Still in a quandary as to what he's going to do with his life, Jason leads a tormented existence as he tries to understand whether his feelings of compassion, hope, and anger are normal or obstacles to overcome, and whether his desires toward sex, alcohol, and power are weaknesses or ways to mold his character. As an internal battle plays out, Jason begins to act dangerously around women. When he meets and goes home with Debra, a woman fixated on teaching him that God is good, the evening takes an evil turn and the direction of Jason's life changes forever.

As he continues to search for his core being, Jason meets Sophia, a young woman determined to end her life. As Sophia and Jason build a relationship on lost dreams, he soon realizes that what happens in his life is beyond his control.

  • ISBN13: 9781450207881
  • Publisher: iUniverse
  • Pubilcation Year: 2010
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00240
Publication DateFebruary 9, 2010
Primary CategoryFiction/Literary

Its Juxtaposition

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