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Once you find yourself it is a lot easier to express who you are through your music. With RED Jimmie has done just that. When asked how he would describe his third studio project this is what he said, 'RED is important and honest.' Then he went on to describe it by saying 'Personally this record is my most important work, because it really expresses who I am and what I believe as a person.' Red, the third studio project in 5 years for Jimmie, has several noteworthy firsts on it. Jimmie was joined in the studio by his full band; this allowed them to capture the energy that they play with live. Jim Gaines joined Jimmie at the helm to produce this CD, Jim is known for his work with Carlos Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughn, among many others. Another very notable first was Jimmie's wife Sherri joined him in the studio, lending her voice to the song 'Dance with me'. A final note is that Jimmie for the first time co-wrote with several of his longtime friends, Eric Stark, Jim Richards and Jeremy Worden, adding to the diversity of this eclectic collection of music. With a two year gap between his last studio project Something Better and RED, Jimmie seems to have found himself evermore comfortable in is own skin in fact he describes himself in this record in this way, 'I really feel like this record is me being myself'. That feeling is portrayed all through out the project from 'I Love My Baby' through 'Restless for the Sun' and 'Dance with Me', songs that show Jimmie's devotion and love for his family. Red finds a maturity and soul brought forth not only in Jimmie's voice but in his guitar work as well, Jimmie found a new voice on 'RED' and it is a voice that billows from deep inside him, as he passionately blurs the line between Blues, Rock and Jazz. Written in sort of parable form, the songs on 'RED' is heartfelt and from a deep place. The real Jimmie Bratcher is present
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