K100 Fuel Treatments Are For All Gasoline And Diesel Powered Equipment And Are Formulated For Use With All Fuels Including E-10, Ulsd, Off-Road, Bio-Diesel And Home-Heating Fuels. K-100 Is A Remarkable Organic Formulation That Bonds Itself To Water And Renders It Completely Burnable As Fuel! Water Reduces The Heat Of Combustion Which Means More Smoke, Less Power, Hard Starting, Rough Idle, Poor Mileage, Winter Freeze-Ups And Microbe Growth. Use K100 Fuel Treatment Regularly So Your Engine Will Run Cleaner, Run Stronger And Run Longer. What K100-Md Does: Eliminates Water And Water-Related Problems. Eliminates Conditions Necessary For Microbe Growth. Eliminates Microbe-Clogged Fuel Filters. Improves Overall Engine Efficiency For More Miles/Gallon/Hour. Eliminates Freeze Ups That Block Fuel Lines And Filters. Eliminates Free Water And Cleans Engines For Easier Starting, Smoother Idle, More Power, Better Acceleration. Reduces Paraffin Formation In Winter. Eliminates Corrosion And Formation Of Acids. Prevents Injector Tip Failure. Adds Lubricity To Reduce Friction In The Fuel System. Replaces Lost Lubricity In Lsd, Ulsd & K-1 Winter Blends. Burns Cleanly And Completely Leaving No Ash Deposits. Dissolves Gums And Varnishes. Cleans Carburetors And Fuel Injectors For Better Mileage. Dissolves Asphatimes And Puts Them Back Into The Fuel. Modifies Burn Chemistry For More Complete Combustion. Reduces Black Smoke And Particulate Emissions. Revitalizes Fuel. Stablizes Fuel For Long-Term Storage. Extends Fuel Injector Pump Life. Extends Fuel Tank Life. Increases Cetane Ratings 1-1/2 To 2 Points. Upgrades Lower Quality Fuel. Anti-Gel Reduces Need For K-1 Kerosene Additive In Winter. Excellent For Use In Ulsd, Bio-Diesel And Home-Heating Fuels.
  • K-100 K100Md 32 Oz Bottle
Dimensions10 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches

K-100 K100Md 32 Oz Bottle


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