Money concepts are easy to master with our interactive learning money pocket chart. This open ended screen design allows teachers to create their own money problems. Simply drag and drop coins, bills, numbers, decimal notation, dollar and cent symbols, or math symbols, in the work box. An on screen "touchable" will display the front or back of coins or bills, and currency names.
Perfect for skills review, extra reinforcement and standardized test preparation. Can be used for the entire class, individually or on the computer.
  • Compare money values
  • Counting out change
  • Adding and subtracting with coins and bills
  • Solving problems using combinations of coins and bills, greater than, less than
  • Recognize coin and bill denominations, and written words
    Build money skills like never before by using K&B interactive whiteboard pocket charts. Simple, intuitive design will jump start your day
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      K & B Interactive KB-4554 Learning Money

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