K9 Granola Factory is an assembly line of deliciousness with heart-healthy, nutrient rich products that are exactly what your pet wants. Starting the originals with good ol’ granola, the tasty treats exploded with flavor after the addition of peanut butter, honey and all kinds of mouthwatering combinations. K9 Granola Factory takes the guesswork out of good grub with a wide assortment of all natural options that will make this factory your pet’s favorite place to visit. K9 Granola Factory’s Soft Bakes Birthday Cake Dog Treats are a bite-sized birthday buffet that tastes fresh from the oven. Made with all natural ingredients, these tasty treats are a potent mixture of rolled oats, dried whole eggs, rice and soy flour, honey, and soybean oil. These treats may not have come straight from the bakery, but with a taste this good your lucky dog will feel like having a birthday bash every time they eat one.
  • All Natural
  • For training and everday use
  • Corn and Wheat Free
  • Contains soy and grain.
  • Good for all breeds of dog
Dimensions2.7 x 8 x 5 inches

K9 Granola Softbakes Birthday Cake Dog Treats, 12 Oz

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