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Non-Metallic Organic NAO Brake Pads use a combination of high-strength fibers to reinforce the pad's friction material, which enhances thermal stability and durability while reducing abrasion on the rotor. Non-Metallic Organic brake pads rank well above standard organic pads and are a definite step up from standard semi-metallic pads.


  • High Quality Non-Metallic Organic NAO Brake Pads
  • Organic brake pads provide exceptional stopping power with great durability under all riding condition


  • Material: Non-Metallic Organic NAO
  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Color: Black
  • Instructions: Not Included

Brake Pad Model Equivalent:

  • EBC FA413, Bombardier 705-600-014, Bombardier 705-600-398, Bombardier 705600014, Bombardier 705600349, Bombardier 705600350, Bombardier 705600398, Yamaha 1D9-W0046-00, Yamaha 3C2-W0046-00, Yamaha 5GH-W0046-00, Yamaha 5GH-W0046-10, Yamaha C705-600014, Yamaha 153-W0046-00, Yamaha 5UG-W0046-00, Vesrah SD-266, Vesrah VD-266/2, Vesrah SD-266/2, SBS 754, SBS 835, Dunlop DP919, Dunlop DP327, Ferodo FDB2148, Lockheed LMP354, Carbone 2923, Lucas MCB724, Braking 862, Vesrah VD-266
  • High Quality Non-Metallic Organic NAO Brake Pads by KMG Brakes
  • Material: Non-Metallic Organic (Non-Asbestos Organic)
  • Model Number: PAD413
  • Brand: KMG
  • Condition: 100% Brand New
ColorAs Shown

KMG PAD413 KMG Brake Pad Non-Metallic Organic NAO (EBC FA413 Equivalent)


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