Kaleidophonica, like Lightbox, was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs. It is more densely composed than Lightbox - the mesh and interplay between the instruments has been developed to create the quot;halls of mirrorsquot; where the sound is made up of parts that are so enmeshed you can't hear who's playing what, creating a bigger, almost orchestral, sound. The music is composed using a combination of playing, imagination, and use of systems. The arrangements are constructed like an intricate piece of machinery, wound up and played out - with no ornamentation, no vibrato. Most of the tracks are completely original compositions, with a handful based on traditional folk tunes. Kaleidophonica is an album of extremes - where chilled tracks, sit alongside some more intense acoustic dance music. Sprio's music is moving, exciting, and transporting - a musical illusion that it is much more than the sum of it's parts, and which gets off the ground and almost takes flight.
  • Kaleidophonica
GenreFolk Music
Publication Date20130212
Publisher ImprintRelativity Entertainment



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