The K&H Pet Products Ultimate Bucket Heater with Cord Clip - 250 Watt keeps fresh water available in the winter for your hard working dogs, livestock, and horses. This de-icer is safe in all stock tanks, unlike nearly all other de-icers available in the market today. It uses 250 watts of thermostatically controlled heat to stop ice from forming. This bucket heater has a convenient all-in-one design, is submersible, and safe for all buckets. Located in Colorado Springs, CO, K&H Pet Products is the largest dedicated producer of heated pet products in the country, offering the greatest quality, innovation, and selection for dogs, cats, wild and exotic birds. Each year, K&H develops new and unique products to provide comfort for pets and appreciation by their owners. (UTM390-1)
  • Dimensions: 7 diam. x 5H in.
  • 250 watts of thermostatically controlled heat
  • Stops ice from forming in buckets
  • Full cage and cord clip included
  • Submerge completely before plugging into power
Dimensions7L x 7W x 5H in., 7 x 7 x 5 inches
Weight3.5 lbs.

K&H Pet Products Ultimate Pail Heater with Cord Clip 250 Watt

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