Poster Print entitled 'Inspirational Poster: Create a path where there is none'. Direction: Create a path where there is none, a world of possibilities lies ahead. available. Primary colors within this image include: Dark Yellow, Pink, Light Gray, White. Made in USA. Archival-quality UV-resistant inks. Printed on high quality gloss finish paper with archival quality inks. Looks great in dorm rooms, kid rooms, offices, and more.
  • Made in the USA. 365 day workmanship guarantee.
  • Archival-quality UV-resistant inks. Latex-based and designed to last.
  • Material: Poster Paper
  • Shape: Horizontal
  • SKU: 1054719_13
Product Dimensions60x40

Kate Lillyson Poster Print Wall Art Print entitled Inspirational Poster: Create a path where there is none

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