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Tiny Ideas Baby???s Print Keepsake Tin reminds you there's nothing more adorable than your newborn's plump little piggies and wee grasping hands. Each day they grow bigger and bigger. We know you never want to forget just how little they once were. The Tiny Ideas Baby???s Print Keepsake Tin lets you capture an impression of your baby's handprint or baby's footprint in lightweight, easy-to-work-with clay. It's a bittersweet delight to look back at this newborn keepsake and see just how far your little one has come. Every time you take a look at the impression your heart melts just a little bit. The Tiny Ideas Baby???s Print Keepsake Tin Keepsake is simple to use as well. This handprint mold kit includes everything you need to create an adorable impression of baby's handprint or baby's footprint. You'll receive no-mess impression clay, a rolling pin, and shaping ring, along with a charming baby keepsake tin for storage. The clay boasts a non-toxic, baby-safe formula that's ready mold and shape with a darling handprint or footprint front and center. Tips and tricks: for best handprint or footprint make sure baby is fed, changed and calm. Use rolling pin to desired thickness. Flatten baby's feet or hands and press against the impression clay. Cut, shape and allow to dry completely before placing in keepsake tin. You're ready to showcase your unique newborn keepsake. Make sure to include this handprint kit on your baby gift registry. We know this handprints kit also makes a great gift for many occasions. Perfect as a Christmas gift, birthday gift or baby shower gift.
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Keepsake Handprint Tin with Impression Kit

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