This competition front sight comes equipped with a 0.100" or 0.118" wide blade that is partially serrated for reduced glare. The 0.050" diameter fiber optic rod is protected by a unique front sight blade shape featuring a series of cutouts along the top and sides that allow the rod to gather ambient light while also shielding the fragile fiber optic tube from potentially damaging impacts. This sight comes with a flat base that is optimal for use with a flat-topped slide or for those who intend to file and blend the front sight base to match the contour of their pistol's slide for a seamless installation. Compatible with Novak type front sight dovetail cuts (0.330" x 65 degree x 0.075") as typically found on both customized and factory 1911 pistols. TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Material: 4140 Chrome Moly Steel Blade Type: Partially Serrated w/Fiber Optic Rod (0.050" Dia) Blade Height: 0.160" to 0.200" Blade Width: 0.100" or 0.118" Sight Base: Flat Sight Dovetail: Novak, 0.330" (Width) x 65 Degree (Angle) x 0.075" (Depth) Gunsmith installation recommended * Novak type front sight dovetails can vary in Depth between different manufacturers. Depth can be as shallow as 0.060" or as deep as 0.075". Because of these variances, fitting may be required for installation. IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTES: Please be sure you are purchasing the correct sight for your existing slide dovetail. If you are unsure of your factory dovetail dimensions, call the manufacture or do some research to be sure this is the correct sight for your dovetail cut. There are a lot of Forums around the internet that will be able to help with this information as well. THE SIGHT WILL NOT JUST "SLIDE IN" TO EXISTING DOVETAILS. DO NOT FILE ON YOUR SLIDE! Kensight sight dovetails are slightly oversized to provide a factory fit. The actual sight dovetails are larger than your existing slide cut, and this is intentional. Each manufacture has slightly different tolerances on the slide dovetail dimensions..
  • 1AC-AP-FLBS-870-627

Kensight Fiber Optic Front Sight - 0.118" Oversize Blade, Flat Base, 0.170" High


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