WypAll L40 Wipers are effective wipers that absorb liquids lightning-fast. These wipes are made of bonded cellulose using DRC (double re-creped) technology for strength, softness and absorbency. As a wiping cloth, it soaks up liquids fast, but all you???ll feel is softness, thanks to a plush, touchable outer layer. In fact, it???s a popular choice for patient wiping in healthcare industries, for bathing and patient drying. These utility wipes are specially designed to absorb liquids, lubricants and oils (in restaurants for wiping counters, in mechanic shops, industrial and commercial factories and more), yet they???re soft enough for use on face and hands. Experience the difference in superior absorbency and cleaning at your home or office today!
  • Easily absorbs large spills and leaks.
  • Ideal for routine industrial cleaning and maintenance.
  • Soft enough to clean face and hands.
Dimensions19.6 x 12.8 x 22.6 inches

Kimberly Clark WypAll L40 Wipes, 56 Wipes, 12 Ct

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