The KittyScoop Litter Helper provides a faster, easier, and more hygienic way of cleaning your cat's litter box. Sifting litter, scooping your cat's waste, and placing it in the trash is an arduous process that can spread Toxoplasmosis gondii , a singlecelled parasite that causes toxoplasmosis in humans. This scooper can help reduce the risk of its proliferation by allowing you to scoop and bag the litter in one simple step, thereby reducing your contact with litter, dust, and allergens. The KittyScoop Litter Helper uses a strainerlike front scooper that sifts through litter to ensure that only waste enters the KittyScoop Chamber. Waste bags can be placed inside this chamber and secured in place by the rubber flexi seal to make wastedisposal a breeze. This Americanmade, innovative product makes cleaning your cat's litter box safer and easier than it's ever been so order now Key Features: Reduces contact with dirt, waste, allergens by allowing you to clean litter box in onesimple step Rubber seal holds bags in place with frontscooper release lock for easy removal or backdoor release allows for nonbag use Front scooper automatically sifts litter as it scoops waste Trap door ensures waste stays contained in inner chamber Made in USA
  • Faster, easier and more hygienic
  • Sifting litter, scooping your cat's waste and placing it in the trash
Dimensions12 x 5.7 x 4.2 inches

KittyScoop Litter Helper

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