Air Horn Compressor Kit All-In-One Onboard Air System; 130; 130 PSI; 15 Percent Duty Cycle; Prewired And Plumbed Air Compressor And Tank Combo System; FEATURES: Onboard Air System Easy-to-install compressed air solutions for many automotive pneumatic needs. Each of the three high performance all-in-one air systems comes with an intake-mounted air filter, and is completely wired and plumbed to speed up your installation. They work great as stand-alone air sources or when paired with any of our air horns. For the most demanding applications, our 100% duty cycle OnboardAir(TM) 1500HD comes complete with a quick connect coupling and tire inflation hose to allow you to air up your tires. Kleinn automotive air horns offers complete air horn kits, train horns, roof mount truck horns, air systems kit accessories and off road lift kits.
  • Kleinn Air Horns7270Maximum Pressure: 130-PSI 15-Percent Duty Cycle Output: 1.27 CFM at 0-PSI Moisture Resistant Too Loud? Too Bad
  • 7270
  • Kleinn Air Horns
Dimensions16.2 x 5.5 x 12.8 inches

Kleinn Air Horns 7270 All-In-One Onboard Air System

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