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LMA Corporation is a family owned Wisconsin based manufacturer of a indoor/outdoor storage container, called the BULKSTER which stores, tilts and pours materials or products which can be purchased in Bulk.The BULKSTER, is unique, patented and only recently manufactured. The BULKSTER facilitates numerous products incluing, but not limited to charcoal, potting soil, bird seed, deicing salt, pet food, kitty litter, oil dry....The BULKSTER is a HDPE container which sits on a steel powder coated stand facilitating not only the storage of, but also the easy retrieval of the prouct contained within. The benefits to the consumer extend to the cost savings associated with the purchase of bulk packaged products, but also the simplicity and ease-of-use of the BULKSTER.
  • length: 14"
  • height: 25"
  • width: 13"
    • Specifications
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      LMA Corporation BULKster The BULKster

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