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Central double triquetra is held gracefully between two Celtic endless knot designs. Fluid and flowing, yet visually and physically solid and robust, this design is suitable for a man or a woman.

Timeless and unforgettable, this piece is characteristic of the graphical representation of knots used by the ancient Celts to ornament and decorate everyday objects.

The Triquetra has existed for thousands of years, each passing era applying different meanings to the triple-knot symbolism.

In ancient times it was used to symbolize the three aspects of nature through birth, life and death; when Christians came to Celtic lands they used the symbol to explain trinity.

However, in modern times the new Celtic tradition has the three ends of the Triquetra representing the three promises of a relationship: to love, honor, and protect. No matter which aspect of the Triquetra you embrace, this ring will be a constant reminder.

Constructed of 925 sterling silver, Width of band approximately 3mm,Length of entire design approximately 40mm,Width of double triquetra element approximately 30mm.

  • .925 Sterling Silver Ring
  • Attractive Celtic Knot Design Band
  • Length of entire design approximately 40mm
  • Width of double triquetra element approximately 30mm
MetalSterling Silver

Gem Avenue 925 Sterling Silver Double Triquetra Celtic Knot Design Ring

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