Beautiful walnut-wood finish display shows all your complete backyard weather with fast reception, and wireless technology. Easy-to-Read display features: Adjustable backlight feature (HI/LO/OFF) using AC power, Forecast outlook icons with Tendency, Pressure with Historical Graph, Both Indoor & Outdoor Temperature (F/ C) and Humidity (%RH), and Atomic self-set time with Automatic for Daylight Savings Time Updates. Weather station includes one wireless temperature/humidity sensor (TX141TH-Bv2) to monitor backyard climate, garage or storage room, in an attic or greenhouse, even a wine cellar. With its 915 MHz Instant Transmission, it allows faster outdoor transmission, longer range distance of 330 feet from the base, lower outdoor temperatures readings of down -39.8 F, and a longer battery life. Wireless capabilities with digital technology, it???s can be portable to take with you practically anywhere!
  • Dynamic forecast icons: sunny, cloudy, rainy w/tendency indicator
  • Adjustable backlight settings (HI/LO/OFF) using AC power adapter
  • Atomic self set time and date with automatic DST resets (on/off option)
Size6.88???L x 1.25???W x 6.42???H
Dimensions6.8 x 1.2 x 6.4 inches

La Crosse Technology 308-1417BL Backlight Wireless Forecast Station with Pressure History

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