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A collection of free-verse poetry written by an angsty and passionate teenage girl over the course of her adolescent years. The topics of the writing include childhood, growing up, love, heartache, eating disorders, self-love and acceptance, learning how to embrace a dysfunctional family, and hope for future years. The poems are segregated into eight sections, depending on their theme-- each of the sections is named after one of the planets in our solar system. The planets remind us that we are all ultimately interconnected and composed of tiny, magical molecules of stardust, making each and every one of us ladies or men of the cosmos, capable of accomplishing anything and overcoming any struggle-- big or small. And as ladies and men of the cosmos, it is our duty to find beauty and pixie dust even in the dark because a glimmer of light and a glimpse of a rainbow can be found where it is least expected. So, crack open this book to find your sense of wonder and to accept your perfectly imperfect qualities.
    Publication DateJuly 20, 2017
    Primary CategoryPoetry/General

    Lady of the Cosmos

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