Black horsehair and polypropylene blend staple-set in a 5-1/2 In. round hardwood block with 1 threaded handle hole. Handles sold separately: Suggested model No. 354 threaded 54 In. handle or any length of standard threaded wood handle. No. 11740: Size: 5-1/2 In., Type: Round Stippling, Bristle Material: Black Horsehair-Polypropylene Blend, Block Material: Standard Threaded Block, Handle Material: Hardwood, Pkg Qty: 1 Thanks for shopping Hipp Hardware Plus's Online Store for all your DIY and Home Improvement needs. Remember Hipps Help!
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ColorAs Shown
Dimensions13.9 x 10.4 x 10 inches

Large Strip Brush [Tools & Hardware]

DQB Ind.

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