Fire Rescue Light LED Spotlight 16 Hours Run Time Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Orange 120VAC Wall. Made in The USA The RUL 10 FR Explosion Proof Portable Light is Class 1, Division 1 & 2 and Class 2, Division 1 & 2 approved and provides 16 hours of runtime on a single charge. A high output LED bulb, versatile charging s, lithium ion batteries, and articulating head are only a few of this lights' features. The durability and power of this rechargeable portable light make it ideal for applications including emergency services, utility work, hazardous locations and more. This portable explosion proof lantern is rechargeable and produces a 70,000 candela peak beam intensity reaching over 1,400' in length. This lightweight unit weighs only 2 pounds and is powered by lithium ion batteries that require no special charging procedures and have no charge memory issues. Using the latest lithium ion battery technology allows this unit to be recharged regardless of current charge levels, so there is no need to fully discharge the light before recharging. The battery will hold its charge for 18 months, even when on the shelf. However, the smart charging technology enables the operator to leave the light on the docking station indefinitely. The docking station can be placed on a table, mounted to a wall or vehicle mounted. Included is an LED battery status indicator light. The battery status indicator activates when there is 30 minutes of light remaining. This feature compliments the lithium ion technology by monitoring battery status, allowing the user to effectively manage their time. The lithium ion battery pack in this unit also helps this unit a achieve a 33% lighter weight than its competitors, an important consideration for firefighters whose basic equipment can already weigh 65 70 lbs.

  • 12V
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    Larson Electronics RUL-10-FR-OR-120VAC 12V AC Wall Fire Rescue Light, LED Spotlight, 16 Hrs Run Time Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery - Orange

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