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This Guide Rod Laser fits the Springfield XDM 4.5" Barrel Caliber/s: 9mm; .40 & .357 Battery Model: LMS-3x393 (readily available silveroxide batteries commonly used in watches) Accuracy (10 Yards): ±1.5"POA Laser Operating Temperature: 15°-120° F Wavelength: 635nm(red-orange) Power Output: 5mW (brightest available - blinks forhighest visibility) Spot size: at 7 yds 5/16”, spot size at 25 yds3/4”. If any firearm has been ported, fluted or compensated either bythe original manufacturer or by a gunsmith, LaserMax will NOT guaranteealignment. Custom alignment quotes for firearms may be obtained bycalling LaserMax. Please Note: 1. Expect to change your batteriesonce a year with typical usage. 2. Battery operating temperature is15°F-120°F
  • Pulses for superior visibility and faster identification
  • Internal design does not restrict grip or holster selection
  • Distinct ON/OFF switch reinforces safe firearm handling
  • Proximity to the bore provides maximum POA/POI accuracy
  • Guaranteed alignment ensures center of mass shots
Dimensions0.2 x 0.5 x 1 inches

LaserMax Guide Rod - Springfield 4.5" XDm Series (9mm , .40 cal only)


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