Complete camo kit for firearms Includes each color needed for various combinations Includes hardener Made by Duracoat, a leader in the industryPaint and hardener kit for creating distinctive camouflage patterns on firearms. Includes a variety of paint combinations with hardener. Paint comes in 2 4 oz bottles with 1 oz. hardener.
Patterns include Urban Tiger Stripe, Vietnam Tirger Stripe, Desert Storm, Woodland Signature, ACU, Amstripe, Advanced Amstripe, Advanced Tiger Stripe, Desert Mirageflage, Urban Mirageflage, Rhodesian, Air Force ABU, Russian Special Forces, and Multicolor Combopaks. Mfg Lauer Custom Weaponry SPECS Kits include different combinations of 2 fl. oz. 59 ml jars of paint and 1 fl. oz. 30 ml Hardener. Various combinations, Made by Duracoat.

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    Lauer Custom Weaponry CAMO39 Russian Special Forces CamoPak

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