1884. Partial Contents: Origin of the general Opinions respecting Demonology among Mankind; Belief in the Immortality of the Soul; Situations of excited passion in humanity which teach men to wish or apprehend Supernatural Apparitions; Story of Somnambulism; Witches and the Bible; Creed of Zoroaster; Law of the Romans against Witchcraft; Roman customs survive the fall of their Religion; Correspondence between Northern and Roman Witches; Fairy Superstition; Elves; Those who dealt in fortune-telling, mystical cures by charms; Immediate Effect of Christianity on Articles of Popular Superstition; Prosecution of Witches and Sorcerers.
  • Hardcover, Kessinger Publishing, 2010, ISBN13 9781169319639, ISBN10 1169319637
Video FormatHardcover
Dimensions7 x 0.8 x 10 inches

Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft

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