Color:Black Product description The Leviton CS1202E is a singlepole switc
rom Leviton's product line of Commercial Specification Grade switches. Thi
articular model comes in black. This singlepole switch is perfect for use i
overnment buildings, municipal facilities, department stores, malls, healt
are facilities and hospitals, office buildings, universities, colleges
chools and cultural institutions. It is designed for top performance and fin
ppearance. This model features impactresistant thermoplastic nylon body
eviton offers switches in a wide variety of wiring options, colors and othe
eatures. Among them are 15 and 20 Amp commercial switches. This is a grounde
ype unit. The Leviton brand offers you the highest in production standard
ccording to National Electrical Manufacturers Association. From th
anufacturer Leviton's Commercial Specification Grade switches are designed t
ffer outstanding reliability and top performance in commercial settings
deal applications include municipal facilities, government buildings, malls
epartment stores, hospital and health care facilities, office buildings
chools, colleges, universities, houses of worship and cultural institutions
eviton offers a large selection of 15 and 20 Amp Commercial switches
vailable in a wide variety of colors, wiring options and other features
0-Amp, 120/277-Volt, Toggle Single-Pole AC Quiet Switch, Commercial Grade
rounding, Black.

  • The screws in the switch have brass combination head for quick installation with standard, Phillips and Robertson-head screw drivers
  • Current rating of 20 Amps

Leviton CS120-2E 20-Amp, 120/277-Volt, Toggle Single-Pole AC Quiet Switch, Commercial Grade, Grounding, Black


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