Broadband and Everlast String & Cable Leeches Combo Pack - The New Broadband truly sets a new standard of performance with reducing vibration and noise. The new Broadband LimbSaver is a scientific masterpiece, promoting the first ever Multi Durometer Dual Broadband technology. The Broadband LimbSaver is engineered to function within a specific broadband frequency 20 Hz-20,000Hz. The combination of the NAVCOM ring and center dampener, produce the broadest frequency response of any limb dampener ever produced, period! Extremely Efficient and Effective! Dual Broadband Frequency Technology, Superior Noise and Vibration Rexuction, Innovative Reaction Mass Technology, Low Profile & Lightweight, Interchangeable Colored Broadband Rings, Simple Installation. The Award-Winning LimbSaver line of String and Cable Leeches are designed to provide both unparalleled performance and unsurpassed durability. Reduces Noise & Vibration, Incorporates NAVCOM Technology, Built for all Weather Conditions, Superior Performance, Easy Installation. Color: Solid Pink.
  • Reduces Cable Noise & Virtually Eliminated Cable Oscillations!
  • Length:.75"
  • Width:.25"
  • Thickness:.30"
  • Weight:.02oz
Dimensions1.7 x 0.7 x 1.7 inches

Limbsaver Broadband/Everlast Combo Pak Solid Pink 4045


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