Rota-Flex rubberized pin box by Trailair combines a pivoting head and rubberized compound to reduce road shock and vibration and controls chucking to provide a better towing experience Replaces Lippert 1621 pin box 19|000-pound capacity Reduces road shock and vibration; Trailair by Lippert Component's Rota-Flex Rubberized Pin Box Helps control chucking
  • Pivoting head significantly reduces fore-to-aft coach movement
  • Rubberized torsion compound absorbs motion and vibration caused by road shock
  • Absorbs road shock that would otherwise be absorbed by your RV, preventing costly damage
  • Powder-coated lower jaw
ColorAs Shown
Dimensions32.5 x 15.5 x 9 inches

Lippert 176440 19K Rota-Flex Rubberized Fifth Wheel Pin Box

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