For over a decade LitterMaid has been a leader in providing practical litter box solutions, so you and your cat can have the freshest, cleanest environment possible with the least amount of hassle. LitterMaid is constantly striving to provide cats with the best place to do their business. The LitterMaid Premium Natural Clumping Cat Litter offers superior clumping action than ever before and traps liquids on contact to help control odors that would otherwise linger in your home. LitterMaid's Clumping Cat Litter uses all natural corn based grains that are not only Earth friendly but are more natural for your cat. The litter's micro pore granules target odor causing agents and trap them to eliminate waste odors. All of this combines to form a 99 percent dust free experience that maintains a cleaner litter box area and less dust in the air. It can be used in one of LitterMaid's Litter Box Systems or can be used in a regular litter box for a fresher home.
  • Product FeaturesSuperior clumping litter made of whole kernel corn
  • Excellent odor control
  • Completely safe for you and your cat
  • 99% Dust free
  • For automatic or manual litter boxes
Dimensions14 x 6 x 16.5 inches

LitterMaid Premium 99% Dust Free Natural Clumping Cat Litter, 9 lb

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