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On A Stick is the debut release from Chicago based jammers, Little Big Fat. Founded in 2005 by guitarists Jim Concklin and Nathan Breen and joined in 2008 by drummer Adam Cortese and bassist Craig Urban, LBF is earning a reputation as one of the most daring and creative bands to emerge from the Chicago bar scene. Little Big Fat is known for exciting live performances and has a devoted following that revels in the band's extended jams as well their thoughtful approach to more accessible material. Recorded over the summer and fall of 2009 at Rax Trax Recording in Chicago, On A Stick evokes a sense of urgency and joy. The album draws on the band's many influences ranging from prog rock to R&B, funk, and blues. The opening track, Mr. D, sets the table with a compelling groove and bristling improv. While more thoughtful tunes, such as The Man From Bakersfield and Dr. Couey, establish the band as comfortable in a more subtle yet equally exciting musical space. Monroe is a multi-section genre-hopping epic that is as nimble as it is powerful. The album also features three instrumentals that have become fan favorites at the band's live shows. On a Stick was produced by Little Big Fat and one time Grammy nominee and Chicago scene veteran Rick Barnes.
  • Little Big Fat - On a Stick [CD]
Publication Date20100914
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc

On a Stick

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