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Babies need toys that help them in the first year and this multipurpose toy set from Little Treasures is perfect for just that reason. Infants 6 months and older will have so many different uses for the toys included in this package set from basic rattles with cool and cute cows and animals that allow them to practice and strengthen their grips. These rattles also allow them to practice their motor skills and when they start to cut their first teeth there are teething based toys like the straw berry that they can use to cut their teeth a little easier. This is a great set that also includes battery operated rattles with push button sound effects. Description: Little Treasures includes in this toy packages 8 different toys including 1 teething rattle strawberry, 1 battery operated push button bird rattle and many more rattles that kids can use to build their grip strength and motor skills. It's a great way to cover all the bases and allow a kid to have fun all year round as they grow and develop their hand eye coordination as well as easing the cutting of their teeth. Little Treasures brings a diverse selection of toys to babies 6 months and older and will help them develop the basic skills they need
  • Included in this box set is 1 cow rattle, 1 caterpillar rattle, 1 battery operated bird rattle with sound effect button
  • The different toys will allow your baby to try different toys and practice different grips and motor skills
  • Unique teething style rattles will make the cutting of their first teeth much easier giving them something soft and safe to chew on
  • Bright colors and cute designs will make these toys much more fun for babies to play with both boys and girls alike

Little Treasures Multi Purpose Baby Toy Play Set Include Rattles Sound Effect...

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