God in His sovereignty has decided to choose man from amongst His seeds to rule the earth. If you have noticed, man is the only seed of God that is living, walking and talking. However, most people live and die without ever entering into the fullness of what God has ordained for them. Many others live their life as imitators, having a life that is a photocopy of another. God reiterated to Jeremiah that He had a plan for his life. He was not just like anyone else. The plan was laid down even before he was formed in the mother's womb. Jeremiah was like so many people today, struggling with the plan. He saw himself as inadequate and felt he was not the right candidate for that plan. However, with God, it does not matter the disadvantages that may seem to be around our lives. His ultimate plan will still unfold (Ps.139:15-16). However, the onus is on us to make sure we seek to fit into the master plan: Instead of trying so hard to be like someone else, spending money, time and resources trying to be a photocopy. We should seek to know what is in the Master's plan for us. Note that God's plan is unique to each person. There are no duplicates. We ought to die to self daily and yield ourselves to God. Quality time in His presence will expose us to the Master's plan. We cannot live a fulfilled life outside the plan of God for us. Even when we know what the Master's plan is, we have to follow His timetable and divine way. Then and only then can we have peace and also truly live a fulfilled life. As you go through this book, I pray that your eyes of understanding be opened to your seed and how to fulfill it. Stanley Chinedu Ezeokoye is a man of prayer and an ardent follower of Jesus. He has been on the mission field since 1997. One of his greatest passions is to see lives truly transformed from grass to grace.
  • ISBN13: 9781624194085
  • Publisher: Xulon Press
  • Pubilcation Year: 2012
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00166
Publication DateOctober 1, 2012
Primary CategoryReligion/General

Living, Walking and Talking Seed

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