One of the hottest trends now a days is to be a nerd or a geek. After being made fun of for years, geeks are getting the last laugh, as most everything we use in today's modern world was probably created by the nerdy kid who sat behind you in high school. Today's "techies" have also defined many of todays hottest clothing trends with geek shirts become cool to wear. An atom can be defined as the smallest part of an element that can enter into combination with other elements. Each element has its own atomic structure associated with it. So we thought it would be cool to create an atom out of every single element in the periodic chart.
  • Created out of all of the elements on the periodic table
  • Printed on the highest quality cotton for that extra soft feel
  • Available in wide range of color choices
  • 100-percent cotton
  • Machine wash

Los Angeles Pop Art Girl's Long Sleeve Graphic T-shirts - ATOM

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