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Audiophile guru from Analog Planet and Senior Writer for Stereophile magazine, Michael Fremer, says this about Lost In Romance, ;..I don;t care what;s in your record collection, this one will head near or to the top as among the best sounding in your collection. Lost In Romance is one album where the outstanding sound is matched by the music making. This critically acclaimed CD, gaining international radio airplay, brings the Songstress back to jazz. Lyn Stanley captures the old Hollywood glamour with her beautiful sultry voice and exciting arrangements set to the great American Songbook--these elements were honored by the jazz affection a dos of the 40;s and 50;s. This album has been awarded top scores by audiophile critics including Michael Fremer;s 11/11 for sonics, HiFi News UK Album of Choice for May 2014, AudioArt Album of the Month August 2014 issue and Encore;s Best of 2013 albums by Don Grigware. Stanley steps it up a notch with her background as a ballroom dancer with rhythms and tempos that will have your fingers tapping and feet moving. Lost in Romance is a unique album that combines 13 of Los Angeles; best jazz musicians performing in four different trios along with soloists. The album is organized as a tale of love;s ins-and-outs, joys and disappointments-in a sequence that is best appreciated when heard in order. The songs include traditional Great American songbook tunes, but also step into blues and Broadway show songs-including Stephen Sondheim;s Losing My Mind and Willie Dixon;s quot;I Just Want To Make Love To You.quot; Tamir Hendelman, Llew Matthews, Steve Rawlins, plus Jim DeJulio and Lyn (on two songs) wrote the album;s arrangements. Musicians on the album include: (piano) Tamir Hendelman, Mike Lang, Llew Matthews; (bass) Trey Henry, Kevin Axt, Jim DeJulio; (drums) Jeff Hamilton, Bernie Dresel, Paul Kreibich. Soloists include: Gilbert Castellanos (trumpet/flugel horn), Bob Sheppard (tenor sax), Bob McChesney (trombone) and Thom Rotella (guitar). Radio Gurus have this to say about the album: ;STANLEY MATTERS Speaking of music, here comes Lyn Stanley, a blond right out of an old movie with Humphrey Bogart. She;s a dancer, too. And this new CD is fantastic. Great musicians behind a beautiful voice with such songs as quot;Fever,quot; quot;That Old Black Magic,quot; and quot;Change Partners.quot; You;re going to love every tune on quot;Lost In Romance.quot; Promoted by legendary Don Graham. Need I say more? Every song on this album would fit on any adult contemporary and jazz radio station in the world! Loved the crispness of the sound, the distinct quality of the voice, the phrasing bringing some excitement to the words. Madame Lyn, you;re great! You put something into a song.;-Claude Hall, The Dean of Radio Writers and author of Billboard;s famous Vox-Jox. ;I have been noting all the fuss about Lyn Stanley. So I decided to carefully review her Album ;Lost In Romance.quot; Now I am a booster. I hate to date myself but I have been programming Jazz for eons. And I am impressed. I am adding 7 tracks for air play on KKJZ (88.1) and we have a second jazz channel on 88.1 HD2 for just Jazz Vocals and she gets on that too. A couple of the tracks we have already by Sinatra. But I am adding Stanley;s anyway, and Frank better watch out. And, I am pleased to report that very soon I am bringing cool Jazz Radio back to Monterey, and Stanley;s songs will be on it. (Last week, we brought Classical Radio back to Monterey after it had been dropped by another station). I think St
  • Lyn Stanley - Lost in Romance [CD]
Publication Date20130820
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc

Lost in Romance

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