The MG1000-450W™ is a functional RV Outdoor LED Floodlight with Motion Sensor. Created by “GREGG WILSON DESIGNS”, the MG1000-450W™ is an integrated long-life 450LM LED Array (Equal to a 40 Watt Light Bulb) in an affordable, energy saving security lighting solution. Provides maintenance-free general and security illumination for RV outdoor use applications. Bright, uniform illumination is ideal for camping areas and egress easements creating an inviting exterior space as well as providing safety and security when camping in unfamiliar locations. The MG1000-450W™ with the built in photo sensor, will arm and disarm automatically while in Motion Mode, one of the most defining features of the MG1000-450W™ is that it is EMI Suppressed so as not to affect your TV or Radio reception. The fixture has “Polarity Guard™” to ease the difficulty of the installation by correcting the Polarity in the RV automatically if needed. The fixture has “INTELA-SENSOR™” that alerts when the coach battery is at or below 11.5 Volts by blinking a RED LED. MG1000-450W™ Features: • Two modes of operation; 1st Mode - Porch Light Mode 2nd Mode - Motion Activated Light Mode •“POLARITY GUARD™” equipped •“INTELA-SENSOR™”– alerts when the battery is at or below 11.5 Volts. • 450LM LED Array (Equal to a 40 Watt Light Bulb) • Rugged UV Stabilized Polycarbonate Black Housing • Clear UV Stabilized Polycarbonate lens is fully gasketed. • Fresnel Lens made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to give long life. • Operational Voltage, 12 Volts DC • Amp Draw, 0.45 Amps. • Watts, 5.4 • Single array motion sensor provides 150° detection with up to 35 feet forward range. • Sensitivity adjustable knob provides precision control, • Guaranteed for one year against mechanical defects. Specifications: • Length: 8"• Width: 4.5"• Height: 2.25" The MG1000-450W is a Patented Product
  • Motion Detection fixture with 150 degree detection radius, range to 35', adjustable.
  • Installs easily and has Polarity Guard, so fixture is NOT Polarity Sensitive.
  • INTELA-SENSOR alerts when battery is LOW with Blinking RED LED.
  • The MG1000-450™ is the ONLY FIXTURE that is EMI SUPPRESSED which means it will not disrupt the TVs, Radios or the electronics inside the RV with EMI interference.
  • Has Day/Night sensor that activates the fixture at night time and de-activates the fixture in the daytime when in “Auto Security Mode” and can function as a regular Porch flood Light when in “Porch Light Mode”.
Dimensions7.9 x 2.1 x 4.5 inches

MG1000-450 12 Volt Exterior Motion RV LED Porch Light, RV Security Motion Porch Light, White

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