The Multi-Gate is the outdoor expandable plastic barrier that allows you to create a barricade anywhere you need in seconds. The Multi-Gate provides temporary restriction to areas with hazardous safety concerns. The Multi-Gate is made with impact and temperature resistant high density fluorescent polyethylene. The Multi-Gate’s already bright fluorescent body also includes 52 strips of white reflective film for improved visibility.

  • The Multi-Gate quickly expands from 5-1/3”W to 90”W
  • Delinator slots positioned on top of the Multi-Gate allow optional barricade tape or reflection tape installation
  • Side carry handles make the Multi-Gate easy to handle
  • Fill chambers with threaded caps allow the Multi-Gate to be filled with liquid for added weight and stability
  • Dimensions: 43" H x 19" W
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    MLR Multi-Gate Barricade


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