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The stock Tie Rod and Drag Link are not up to the task of handling the angles or loads placed on them with the S.O.A. set-up, and they are very vulnerable to off road obstacles. Bump steer is a common complaint that we hear from customers, and worn-out Tie Rods and Drag Links are very common. M.O.R.E. found it necessary to replace the stock set-up with all new components of a totally different design. We start with a new Tie Rod and Drag Link made of 1" O.D.x.219, D.O.M. steel tubing, threaded for Rod Ends on both ends. The Tie Rod bolts on top* of the knuckles for increased clearance. The Drag Link bolts on top of the dropped pitman arm and parallels the ground, over the leaf spring to the passenger side knuckle.
At that point, our special bracket bolts to the knuckle with six grade 8 bolts. Our raised and well reinforced Trac Bar Bracket keeps the Trac Bar parallel to the Drag Link for zero bump steer. This system is the answer to your steering problems. Designed for full suspension travel, without bind. It works with stock offset wheels, or after market. Simple bolt on design, no welding required. It will work with stock leaf springs over the axle, and for you folks who choose to use up to 2.5" lift springs over the axle. It does not come with steering stabilizer mounts.

  • Dimension - 12 x 9 x 4 in.
  • Item Weight - 4 lbs.
    ColorAs Shown

    M.O.R.E. 9923 Steering Correction Kit For Yj Wranglers Bracket P-S Knuckle


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