MXR EVH Phase 90 35th Anniversary Guitar Pedal

Dunlop celebrates 35 years since the debut of Eddie Van Halen with the limited edition 35th Anniversary Series of EVH signature effects, boasting their own special colour variations of Dunlop's EVH pedals. Amongst this trio of nicely finished effects pedals is the EVH Phase 90.Experience great spacey swirls and hypnotic warbles that made the Phase 90 famous. Furthermore, you'll notice the pedal's distinctive and spectacular colour style.Features:-MXR EVH Phase 90 35th Anniversary Guitar Pedal-Toggle Between Vintage "Script Logo" Phase or More Modern "Block Logo"-Distinctive and Stylish Paint Job

Check out the EVH series Flanger & Phase 90 pedals from MXR!

  • Limited edition pedal celebrating Eddie Van Halen's 1978 debut
  • Premium high gloss finish based on Eddie's legendary "Black and White" guitar
  • Hand-painted stripes
Dimensions6 x 4.5 x 2.8 inches

MXR EVH Phase 90 35th Anniversary Guitar Pedal


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