MAGGIE'S RETREAT is a sequel to the author's successful first novel MAN ON THE BALCONY, a continuation of the lives of Maggie (an accomplished artist), and Brad (a doctor), each striving to make a difference in an unsettled world. Their continued love story brings them face to face with the misdirected youth of today, Alzhimer's disease, and a shooting that almost destroys everything. This book shows that doctors can have a life outside of medicine and a successful artist doesn't need to live in a NYC loft. Although Maggie and Brad's dreams have come true, they find there is no safe place or guaranteed future in their small town. Their home is invaded by a troubled young man but the encounter proves to be an unexpected blessing when Maggie and Brad are able to chart his course in a totally different direction. Maggie's dream of running an artist retreat also came true but not without challenges after being caught up in the personal lives of the artists. Just when Maggie's hopes were merging and expanding, her full life was shattered by a shooting at Brad's clinic, leaving a life hanging in the balance. The shooting catapulted him into national fame, a place he had no desire to be. Courage, love, and determination paved their way not only for survival, but brought them unexpected joy. MAGGIE'S RETREAT stands on its own as a novel, but those who loved MAN ON THE BALCONY will not want to miss the exciting twists and turns in the continued saga of Maggie and Brad. The author's descriptive prose and sense of story will delight you. She is now working on her third novel, SPANISH MOSS, so stay tuned. To read more about this accomplished writer visit her web site at
  • ISBN13: 9781434379726
  • Publisher: Authorhouse
  • Pubilcation Year: 2008
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00380
Publication DateAugust 31, 2008
Primary CategoryFiction/General

Maggie's Retreat

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