The only thing worse than not having enough steak gauges is not being able to read the ones you do have! The Man Law Glow in the Dark Steak Thermometer - Set of 4 solves both these problems by supplying you with four premium-grade stainless steel gauges in four unique colors that glow in the dark for easy night-time grilling. Each one of these bad boys is dishwasher safe and can read temperatures from as cold as 32 Fahrenheit (but honestly, if you're checking the temp when flakes of ice are still on the meat, you probably shouldn't be grilling in the first place) and as hot as 572 degrees Fahrenheit (if you let things get this far, then we hope you like jerky). All dials measure 0.8 inches in diameter. (AMK328-1)
  • Strong and durable premium grade stainless steel gives you best value for your money
  • Flexibility to grill anytime with the glow in the dark dial face and pointer
  • Easy to read 0.8-inch diameter dial with rare, medium rare, well-done indicator
  • Dishwasher safe for fuss-free cleaning
Dimensions0.8 x 2.5 x 0.8 inches

Man Law Glow in the Dark Steak Thermometer (Pack of 4)

Man Law

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