This book shows the patterns of the fuzzy front end of innovation and how it can be managed successfully. Topics in this book cover traditional instruments and processes such as technology monitoring, market-oriented research management, lead-user developments, but also modern approaches such as frontloading, user community-driven innovation, crowdsourcing, anthropological expeditions, technological listening posts in global R&D settings, cross-industry innovation processes, open innovation, and IP cycle management. Contributions are based on latest research and cases studies on this new paradigm. The authors investigate this phenomenon, linking the practice of the early innovation phase to the established body of innovation research. Conceptional articles complement case studies to provide the reader with insight on managing the fuzzy front end of innovation. Lessons learned with success factors and checklists complement each chapter.​

    Publication DateAugust 23, 2016
    Primary CategoryBusiness & Economics/Production & Operations Management
    Sub Category 1Business & Economics/Marketing - Research

    Management of the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation

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