Be on top of all the environmental variables with the Manistee Weather Station. Pair a tide clock, a barometer and a thermometer together, and know the whole weather picture with the blink of an eye. The solid wood base of this piece holds inset instruments that can rotate for either vertical or horizontal orientation. The tide clock is a single instrument and indicates tide level and hours until tide change. A French precision barometer and thermometer are combined on one instrument, with barometric pressure meter on top and thermometer below. Temp readings are accessible in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade. Both instruments are lined with solid, tarnish-proof brass housings and have beautiful ivory faces with black script. The barometer has an exposed center that shows mechanical details. Barometric Pressure Tide Temperature Flexible orientation and great information pair perfectly in the Manistee Weather Station. (BYB186-1)
  • Dimensions: 6W x 2D x 11H inches
  • Barometer, thermometer, and tide clock all in one
  • Constructed of solid, tarnish-proof brass on a wooden base
  • Ivory faces with clear black script
  • Barometer with gear-revealing exposed center
Dimensions6W x 2D x 11H in., 14 x 14 x 6 inches

Manistee Weather Station


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