Markwort 12'' Lightweight Leather Softball - 6oz

Great for training, Markwort's line of lightweight and weighted softballs help to improve your finesse and strength. This 12'' softball is lighter than the standard 7oz weight, and is color-coded so that you won't mix it in with your game balls. Excellent for drills and as a training aid, we think they are a must for any coach or team.

  • Standard 12'' circumference softball for fast-pitch.
  • Premium leather cover.
  • Color-coded and clearly marked for ease of use.
  • Weighs 6oz.

Since most coaches use a range of weights for skills and training, you can see our complete line of Markwort 12'' leather softballs


UPC: 0165620010722.

  • Standard 12''.
  • Color coded to indicate different weights.
  • Leather cover
Dimensions3.9 x 3.9 x 3.6 inches

Markwort Weighted 12 inch Softball - 6oz


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