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Solidifying in 2006 and releasing its debut album less than 2 years later, Maxilla Blue remains as a well preserved tribute to the classic raw hip hop combo of one producer, one Dj, and one emcee, bolstered by each component's thirst for craft perfection. Consistently fusing strong instrumentals and intricate cut work with power poetics, the Maxilla crew is perhaps most known for its affinity for captivating live audiences, resulting in countless appearances throughout the Midwest and Mountain regions in recent years, including college and university invitations as well as music festivals. MBC is fresh off the completion of their 3rd self-titled volume, and 5th collaboritive piece since 2008, released through the underground powerhouse Galapagos4 and Central Standard Records. As with the previous works, Volume 3's offering appears in vinyl, CD, and digital form. Led by the cue of Dj TouchNice, powered by the production of Aeon Grey and anchored by the vocal illustration of Asphate Woodhavet, the Des Moines based trio provides listeners with a dense, immovable, and often somber or "blue" bite of this reality as well as the next. Hailing from an often overlooked and undernourished locale, Maxilla's creative approach has found it unnecessary to bend to the common trends and popular evolution of rap culture. As a result, the crew's intepretation of music remains intact amidst failed fads, and followers of the work understand the natural encouragement to bend the enigmatic sound illustration to their own interpretations, adding to the timeless quality of each piece. Each member, an avid vinyl collector of over 10 years and dedicated practitioner of his respective craft, carries the innate desire to create, regardless of the recognition attached. This love affair with the art has resulted in multiple vinyl releases, side projects for the group, and independent works from Aeon Grey, including 12 in, 7in, compact cassettes, instrumental albums and digital efforts.
  • Maxilla Blue - Vol. 3-Maxilla Blue [CD]
GenreRap, Hip-Hop
Publication Date20140109
Publisher ImprintCross Talk International

Maxilla Blue 3

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