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It is a great pleasure to introduce this important technical book, which presents many new ideas and contributions regarding the identifiability of mechanics in automotive engineering. The author, Professor Dr. Eng. Math. Sorin VLASE is a well-known European academic, with a rich and diverse teaching, research and management accomplishments. He organized many international conferences and seminars, including five International Conferences "Advanced Composite Materials Engineering," five International Conferences "Computational Mechanics and Virtual Engineering," and three International Conferences "Research & Innovation in Engineering." At several of these Conferences the Chairman was the internationally renowned Professor Dr. Eng. Yasushi NIITSU, Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo, Japan. Mechanical and automotive engineering have a long history, and renowned mechanical engineers and inventors were, for example, the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes ((circa 287 BC, Syracuse, Sicily, Magna Graecia - 212 BC, Syracuse, Sicily, Roman Republic), Golden Crown, Archimedes Screw, Claw of Archimedes), Italian painter and inventor Leonardo da Vinci ((1452, Vinci, Italy - 1519, Amboise, France), Armored Car, Flying Machine, Helical Air Screw), German engineer Karl Benz ((1844 - 1929, Germany), founded Mercedes-Benz), German inventor Rudolf Diesel ((1858, Paris, France - 1913, English Channel), diesel engine), American industrialist Henry Ford ((1863 - 1947 USA), cars in Ford Motor Company), Italian entrepreneur Ferruccio Lamborghini ((1916 - 1993, Italy), created Automobili Lamborghini), and many others.
  • ISBN13: 9781939757241
  • Publisher: Derc Publishing House
  • Pubilcation Year: 2015
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00204

Mechanical Identifiability in Automotive Engineering

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