One-Piece Race Spec Strut Tower Bar constructed of strong Aluminum to extremely tight tolerances and then polished to perfection. Designed for the BMW 1 Series to decrease body roll, this bar ties the chassis from left to right at critical stress points (Between the shock/strut towers).
As you drive and maneuver, your car undergoes many different forces that the chassis of the car absorbs; the brace helps to absorb the energy and directs these forces into your suspension components so that they can better do their job and serve their purpose more effectively.
A must for any track-driven, and a great addition to any street or show car, this bar truly lives up to the Megan Racing name.
-BMW 1 Series E82/E88 08-13 Front
-*Note: For N55 single turbo motor model, middle bar has to be removed in order to allow one to take off radiator cap.

  • MR-SB-E90FU-1P

Megan Racing Race Strut Bar for BMW 1 Series E82/E88 08-13 Front 3 E90/E91/E92

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