Radio Wire Harness TURBOWire; Amp Integration Wire Harness; Plugs Into Car Harness At Radio; Incl. RCA Plugs; FEATURES: Feature OEM-Quality Terminals For The Most Secure Connection Between Terminals And Connector Pre-Stripped Ends Allow For Easy Connections High Impact ABS OEM Quality Plastic Molded Connectors Provide Perfect Fit Color-Coded Set Of Four RCAs For Feeding Low Level Signal Into Factory Amplified System Features OEM-quality terminals for the most secure connection between terminals and connectors. Pre-stripped ends allow for easy connections. High-impact ABS OEM quality plastic molded connectors provide perfect fit. Color-coated set of four RCAs for feeding low level signal into factory amplified system. We at Metra always strive to listen to our customers. You have told us to do a better job at telling the Metra story. For over 60 years, Metra has maintained its cutting edge by paying attention to our marketplace and innovating products to fit the needs of the installer. We are the "Installer's Choice" because we are installers. We design our products to be easy to use and easy on the eyes. If you can see a Metra product, then we haven't done our job. Metra Turbokits are designed to be heard but not seen. This means that our fit and finish is the best in the business. Why trust your installation to a shoddy and time consuming kit? Our GSXL Turbowires are designed with the same philosophy in mind. Their longer length for ease of installation and thicker OEM cables with OEM connectors make for a mighty install, with no down time on returns or angry customers.
  • 12 Inches 20 Pin Connector
  • Toyota Amplifier Integration
ColorAs Shown
Dimensions4 x 0.5 x 3 inches

Metra 70-8113 TURBOWire; Amp Integration Wire Harness


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