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Hippocrates (about 460-377 B.C.) outstanding physician of the ancient world explained the origin of epidemics by the action of "miasmas" noxious emanations which were allegedly capable of causing a number of diseases. In 1831, Dr Hahnemann states in his article on cholera that diseases are composed of probably millions of (these) miasmatic animated beings." Susceptibility is an inherent capacity in all living things to react to stimuli in the environment and represents a fundamental quality that distinguishes the living from the non-living. Although the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment has been unquestionably proved, there is no systematic study to show the outcome of treatment in this perspective. Hence an attempt is made to conduct a clinical study in Idaikattur Village, sivagangai district, Tamilnadu. With this study, the prevalence of infectious environmental illnesses and effectiveness of their treatment with miasmatic approach was analysed. Results are encouraging and finally highlights the good performance of Homeopathic medicines, since it is based on standard principles on the concept of similimum.
  • ISBN13: 9783659363641
  • Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2013
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00088
Publication DateMarch 7, 2013
Primary CategoryMedical/General

Miasmatic Approach to Infectious Environmental Illnesses

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