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A convenient way of dosing all of our Reef Marine supplements in one application MICROBELIFT/ AllInOne Master Supplement is a newly developed proprietary formulation that was created to simplify maintaining reef environments. It has a strategically balanced ratio of the following 6 MICROBELIFT reef products: Chelated Iron, Essential Minerals Trace Elements, Vitamins Amino Acids, Calcium Concentrate, Iodide Bromide, Strontium Molybdenum. MICROBELIFT/ AllInOne Master Supplement is a timesaving product that is especially convenient and economically prudent for smaller reef systems, such as, "nano reef tanks" and biocubes". Why MICROBELIFT/Reef Marine Supplementss Sea salt mixes can contain 70 or more of natural saltwater's essential and trace components. These help sustain water quality for the fish, corals, invertebrates an/or macroalgae as nature intended. In an aquarium "closed system", protein skimmers, ozonizers, carbon filters, and dynamic biochemical processes can reduce the important components, including calcium, stronmtium, molybdenum, iodide, bromide, iron, vitamins, amino acids, and essential trace minerals. Ingredients: MICROBELIFT/AllinOne Master Supplement is a pH balanced and proportionalzed blending of the six MICROBELIFT Reef Marine supplements concentrates including: Calcium, Strontium/Molybdenum, Iodide/Bromide, Vitamins/Amino Acids, Minerals/ Elements, Iron/Thiamine (B1), Cyanocobalamin (B12), packaged as a convenient master supplement. Fortified with Vitamin D. Dosage Add 24 capfuls (1428 mL.) per 50 gal. (189 L.) 12 times per week as a broad spectrum total supplement of over 60 components of sea water. Usage may safely be double if desired. Cautions Keep out of the reach of children Follow directions carefully This product is intended for use with all ornamental and aquarium fish but may not be used with fish intended for human consumption.

    MicrobeLift All in One Reef Marine (4 oz)

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